The little things

Rain-Paper-Boat-Wallpaper-DesktopWhen we seem most happy,
when things just seem perfect in this world,
we tend to reward just the one who makes us so happy.
forgetting the little things that make life so special!

We forget how beautiful the sunrise is,
how pleasant the evening breeze is,
how magical the music can be,
how amazing the nature is!

How it is to just get engrossed reading a lovely novel creating a world of your own,
how relaxing it is to see the birds fly free,
wishing you could too!
how awesome it is to play like a kid in the rain,
how it is to just stare at the moon talking to it, feeling special!
how wonderful the night sky looks with the twinkling stars,
these little things so easily go unnoticed!

But these patiently wait for you to get back,
for they know you will!
Unconditional love they shower,
waiting may be till the very end when you are lonely and sad.

These little things for sure, when lonely will always be the cure.
The world seems to be running faster, behind what, I know not!
Stop by and acknowledge these little things that do make a huge difference in the place you live in.
The ones who care for you deserve much better than to be just taken for GRANTED.
Notice the good around.
Appreciate them!

Once in a while take a long walk,
feel the cool breeze,
quietly watch the sunset,
listen to music keeping your mind shut.
get drenched in the rain when possible.

Say hello to the birds that fly above you,
tell them they are lucky they can fly!
Be childlike.
Fight for an ice cream or a chocolate with your friend.
Stay in touch.
Always value the emotions shared by one.
Tell your family how much they mean to you.

It all does happen for good.
But just when your mind questions about that good,
spend time with that soul which is craving for a little more happiness..

that is YOU!


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