The first.


Comfortable bed. Coffee in the favorite mug. Music playing from the playlist, random yet not. Clock ticking. Revolutionized notebook and a pen -a laptop which has been good to you for over five years now. Finally what was wished to be done years ago, got started. As a person who always was in awe of the power of words, crawled out of my lazy self and sat down to what I would call scribble. It is easier here with keypad especially with the backspace button. I wonder if life was a book we write in every night planning next day’s course, how used would the backspace button feel!

First post. This itself builds up the pressure of writing something good. There is so much to tell yet you cannot really choose one of those because you do not know where to start from. This is the moment when you say to yourself ‘and you thought you were good at this?’ followed by many exclamation marks. You would not want your post to put your readers into sleep. So I sat down thinking. A few gentle alphabets agreed to form words but those words felt they do not fit in well together. Now to our rescue comes Backspace! Whatever amount of time we took to type all nonsense, we always want the backspace to clear it in few seconds. Click click click click and loooooonnnng press. Well done. Oops! Stop stop stop, I needed that word!! Arrrgghh! And we start typing again..

It seemed easier to get lost in thoughts than find something extraordinary to write for the post. Looking out of the window as if someone is filming all this, I continue thinking what is special enough to take the place of the first post. I thought so much that the last thing I remember thinking was why do we think so much! Do our thoughts end or they keep going day and night. Don’t they ever get tired? My subconscious mind took this question very seriously and decided to put me to sleep to examine if thoughts fall asleep too.

I wake up next day and see the laptop lying around carelessly. A moment of shock as I don’t remember when I drifted off to sleep. Did I post anything? The bigger question was did I post anything stupid!! The anxiety had reached to the top as if I were some celebrity and my post would be the hot topic of the day for everybody. With a disgusting squeaky voice, the same subconscious mind which had tricked me last night, repeated the words ‘hot topic?!’ and smirked away. The worst is to feel silly as soon as you wake up. This was one such days. I thought how jobless can these thoughts be to leap so far ahead as hot topic of the day when I do not even have any followers yet. A bit relieved, I sat down to write something, anything. I enter the same cycle of thoughts again.

Now I am wondering why I had thought it would be funny to bring subconscious mind conversation in my first post. Eventually I realized that if I continue, this post will have the potential to put the readers to sleep even in the bright daylight. So I choose to end this meaningless post hoping you are still reading it.


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