We all get into the shoes of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory when it comes to knocking on the door awaiting to meet the person we adore! “Doctor thatha” I called out *Sheldon style. Thatha meaning grandpa. Words like these sound so dear when said in native languages.

Within a few seconds, the door was opened as if he was waiting by it to hear the knock. A smile that is so radiant and arms wide open for a hug – usual gesture to welcome me in. This evening something was different. Something else had occupied his mind. He briskly went back to the living room and sat down on the carpet spread on the floor. Keenly looking into the laptop, he signaled me to have a seat.

Generally, we all often consider ourselves to be the center of our dear one’s world. So had I and I wanted to know what might have captured his attention so badly that I was being sidetracked. He hardly took any time to get into the mode again where nothing else mattered except the game of solitaire.

He was playing the game like a kid who randomly shuffles the cards here and there. One such move that seemed so random, brought the game to a standstill. Now to his rescue, I decided to dedicate my time and help him out of it. The last move was the cause for the game to end so soon. Smartly enough, I undo it and continue the game. It was my time to proudly flaunt my solitaire skills.

After a while, I am stuck. How could this happen! Restlessly, I’m trying to figure out a way. Its just a solitaire game, I know! But when we get into a game like a professional, its highly disappointing if we end up being a loser. Now thatha comes to my rescue. He said there definitely is a way out. I look back into the game trying to see what the way out was but there wasn’t any. He took over the laptop control and clicked New game.

I did not understand why he did what he did. I looked at him and he was waiting to explain it all with his smile. New game was the way out. It was so simple yet something we would never think of. We adamantly keep going to figure out the next move in the game. But at times, may be all we have to do is stop and start fresh.

New game.
Relax and restart.

Only silence seemed to speak there. Thatha had not spoken a word, yet he had said so much..


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