The Rotten Apple

Because I was asked to show my writing skills in just my blog..

To all those who think money and power will serve you right,
to those who hold on to their ego inspite of seeing the truth,
to the right who are standing by the wrong,

also to those few who sigh away because its too hard to fight or simply because its not worth your time and effort..


Dear Mr. Rotten Apple,

The story of the good and the bad
go the same way
heights they reach and sway.
Poor ground knows there will be a dent on it soon
for the bad with fall hard from the moon.

True it is
that history repeats
Looking civilized on the outside,
with your mouth filled with boots
you are just uncivilized apes in suits!

Go to a small house hungry,
they will welcome you in and feed.
Unlike few others who
see you at the gate and shoo

You can see the ego being fed
in their mind with the thought’s trail
that “people aren’t even fit to be
the dirt in their toe nail”

That is when you will know
this place is an illusion
The poor ain’t poor with just no house
and the rich ain’t rich with no heart

The good ones, look out!
throw such rotten apple away.
You will find yourself rotten if you stand by
and that day, do not wonder why!

Dear ego, you go get cleaned up.
Oh not just your toe,
take your mouth along.
Then roam the world
buy yourself a heart
Else like we pity you now
soon you shall pity yourself somehow

You might snatch away the mic
for the world to not hear the truth
You might tear away the stage
for the world to not see the truth

But nothing can be done about the talking pen
because it will never be quiet again
The thought of stealing that is too farfetched
Beware! On walls words shall be etched.


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