Put power to use

“God is everywhere” they say yet go to specific places to see Him. Giving visit to one such places didn’t justify the statement they make but I wasn’t looking for answers either. It was a family trip and after a long time we had all been out together. I was enjoying the scenery and the architecture of the temple at Tirupati fascinated me.

Over night journey to another state, early morning travelling over the 7 hills to reach the temple, wondering why small blocks of stones were piled up on top of each other in every possible place throughout the forest, reaching the beautifully constructed temple, everything happened conveniently to a point where I wondered how is it possible that a day like this could go as smoothly as it is seeming to be. With cellphones seized, all we had was real people to interact with. Hundreds of people waiting for the gates to open to get into the queue. From restless to content, there were all kinds of them. A few transforming from restless to content as they drifted off to sleep due to the long wait. Most turning content to restless as minutes passed by. Not hours, minutes. As it already had been three hours wait and it seemed as if every minute hundreds of people marched into the waiting area creating more competition for getting into the queue!

My dad seemed like that student in the class who wanted to be teacher’s favorite. He seemed to have grown more impatient because his competitors grew every second now with old ones still waiting and claiming front row was seeming impossible. The student in him wanted to find out the reason for this bottleneck. I was surprised how on the count of restlessness I scored less than my dad that day. More shocked seeing myself calm even when that restless student described the reason for bottleneck. It was one of those days when chief minister had an appointment with God or as I would say CM was putting his power to use.

Why should he not? All he did was make hundreds of people wait in the hot sun for hours. How will it matter if there were few who had an emergency to get somewhere else or if old ones were getting tired of scorching heat or if children were crying out of hunger. The important thing was him and his family seeking blessings from God. Of course it is right to put in so much security for one person because his safety is so important. Only if he is safe can he pray for safety of his people. I am sure he wouldn’t have remotely thought of more money or power while praying. It was a special appointment with God and we should appreciate him for taking his time out of his busy schedule to pray for the people who have done nothing for him. Of course it was right of him to put his power to use!

We need more leaders like these. Kids who set out to do so much good in the name of their father’s position and power. Provide such secure jobs to so many people. Teaching students the valuable lesson of how money isn’t important. Of course money isn’t important for common people because it doesn’t suit them. It is supposed to be with, on and around only the powerful ones. It is very right to stack up money because they only use it for the good of people. They don’t use it to buy cars or bungalows or people! They don’t use power to scare people, manipulate proofs, lie to the good ones to keep them in company. They use power to stay safe. And that is not bad because only if they stay safe will they be able to do “good” work for the common people. Society needs them. Of course it is right of them to put their power to use!

All these are petty contributions of powerful people. Let us not forget how kind and thoughtful they are to just block one kilometer radius around them in the cities when they arrive. Block the flyovers because they own it. Because they would have negotiated for a lesser corrupted builder than a higher one. Wow, so considerate! How will it matter if a student is hurrying to get to his exam but is stuck in traffic because the roads are blocked for this powerful person to pass by. How is it more important than the meeting that minister is heading to attend and save the world? How will it matter if a person is about to lose his life in the ambulance? Can’t one person sacrifice his/her life giving way for this minister who is heading to save thousands of lives at a go? The student can again appear for that very exam next year. And the dying person, well he can’t die again I agree. But his death won’t go in vain. I am sure that minister would have done so much good from then on to compromise for every life lost protecting him. These are common people who are meant to lose their lives for the powerful ones who are shaping our country in right way. I say increase the security radius to block 5 kilometers around and put your power to use!

After all, people like these are our only hope to end corruption, eradicate poverty and to do some good to society and save lives. Long live the power and the ones who put power to use in the most right ways! May every such person get the fruit for the seed they reap, very soon!

seedling and concrete



The Rotten Apple

Because I was asked to show my writing skills in just my blog..

To all those who think money and power will serve you right,
to those who hold on to their ego inspite of seeing the truth,
to the right who are standing by the wrong,

also to those few who sigh away because its too hard to fight or simply because its not worth your time and effort..


Dear Mr. Rotten Apple,

The story of the good and the bad
go the same way
heights they reach and sway.
Poor ground knows there will be a dent on it soon
for the bad with fall hard from the moon.

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It is okay.

Another usual day. Snoozed alarm. Ticking clock. Red light at the signal. The ever crowded Bangalore public transport. Yet something seemed slightly unusual. An old woman, barely able to balance, was holding the support in one hand, trying to stand on her feet while she constantly wiped tears from her other hand. I do not understand the logic behind youngsters and adults sitting on seats while they watch the old stand, as if they are doing a favor to the old for having the time of their life swaying around.

Anyway, the old woman in the bus sat down next to the door. She would start crying as soon as she finished wiping her tears. I couldn’t help but ask what happened. As expected, she din’t reply. After another round of tears, she started her story. She said she was upset because she was denied of ragi mudde (a south Indian dish). I understood the pain. Not so much of the situational pain but the pain of craving for a dish and not being able to get it, it’s heart breaking! I felt terrible for having my thoughts deviated from her to food. But still, foooooooooood!! :p
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The first.


Comfortable bed. Coffee in the favorite mug. Music playing from the playlist, random yet not. Clock ticking. Revolutionized notebook and a pen -a laptop which has been good to you for over five years now. Finally what was wished to be done years ago, got started. As a person who always was in awe of the power of words, crawled out of my lazy self and sat down to what I would call scribble. It is easier here with keypad especially with the backspace button. I wonder if life was a book we write in every night planning next day’s course, how used would the backspace button feel!

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